Case Study – Mark Sylvester – Road to the Red Circle Ep 07

When we take the time to study and learn from others who have gone before us, this can accelerate our own success.

Mark's Takeaways:

  • Be willing to edit.

    Mark had resistance to editing and letting go of content he dearly loved at first. Once he was open to refining and re-sequencing his content, his momentuem took off.

  • Have a theme song.

    Mark chose a song that put him into a high energy state which allowed him to be 100% present when he stepped into the red circle.

  • Memorize and Rehearse.

    Mark experimented with different types of memorization and rehearsal techniques until he found what worked the most effectively for him.

I was invited a year before TEDx, but I didn't start taking it serious until four months before. I should have started sooner and if I had, I could have up-leveled my Talk even more and even had time to actually enjoy the process.Mark Sylvester

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