Client Confidential Ep 01: How do you… find Ideas?

Finding ideas for your next High-Stakes Short-Form Talk can be challenging. Here are some ways to drive ideas for new content that will be valuable to our listeners.


  • Reverse Roles

    Think about the problems your audience is facing and make a list. What is your industry, society or the company you’re talking to consistently getting wrong?

  • Find Stillness

    Quiet your mind. Practice not thinking. The best ideas come when you don't force them to

  • Welcome Curiosity

    Ask yourself, what would you like to hear a talk on? What excites you? What kind of Talk would you want to spend your valuable time listening to?

"When you are looking for ideas to inspire a focus for your next Talk, ask yourself. 'What is that one talk that I cannot wait to hear?'"Kymberlee Weil

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