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“In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things.”Miyamoto Musash


What you can expect to experience with Strategic Samurai consulting is a very thorough and tested methodology designed to bring out the absolute best in your organization.

Since no two organizations need the same exact approach, we provide customized engagement options to match your objectives.

Kymberlee’s diverse background enables her to view a company’s day to day operations through a unique strategic lens. Your organization can directly benefit from her life experiences which include:

  • Twenty+ years in Martial Arts
  • Twenty years of entrepreneurial experience
  • Fifteen years of technology experience
  • Twelve years of attendance at the annual TED conference
  • Twelve years in competitive athletics
  • Four years producing a TEDx event
  • Two years producing a bi-coastal bi-annual technology event

Additionally, Kymberlee has expertise in:

  • Professional speaking
  • Executive coaching
  • Speaker coaching
  • Authoring two technology books
  • Co-Founding a software company

Kymberlee holds these degrees and honors:

  • MBA Degree
  • BS Degree in Health and Exercise Science
  • NCAA Woman of the Year
  • 4th Dan Black Belt (Master level) in Dynamic Circle Hapkido
  • 2014 Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award in Professional Services

The great news is you can leverage Kymberlee’s insights, lessons learned and patterns identified through all of these life experiences by bringing her strategic thinking into your organization. Whether you need help with your go to market strategy, competitive positioning, social media strategy, new product launch, overall company assessment or breaking through business barriers in general, Kymberlee and her team of professionals will make a difference in your organization.

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