Crafting Content Ep 04: Justify

Spend time proving that your core idea is important and that the audience needs to know about it.


  • Relate to Your Audience

    Why exactly does what you're saying matter to the listener?

  • Share Facts and Figures

    Sharing your research and expertise will strengthen the core idea.

  • Make your idea timely

    You'll want to address why your idea is important to hear now.

After your core idea, now you need to justify it. Why does this core idea matter?Kymberlee

You've opened your talk strong. Maybe you've started with some statistics or a shocking fact that we've never heard before. Maybe you've started with a story to pull us into your world. After that, you've shared what the core idea of this talk is. This is the one idea that your audience needs to know. This is the summary of your whole talk. Where do you go from there?

After your core idea, now you need to justify it. Why does this core idea matter? Why does this core idea matter now? Why does it matter to me, as an audience member? Why should I care about your core idea?

In this section, what you can do is back up your core idea. You can give us more statistics. You can give us more explanation of why your core idea is so important and why we need to hear this. This is where you can expand your core idea. You can give us more insight into your core idea .You can give us more depth into your core idea so that we can understand why this talk matters and why what you're telling us matters. This is before you get into the next section, the meat of the talk. This is a section where you're just spending time really proving that this core idea is important and we need to hear it.

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  1. I love your video learning sessions! Thank you so much for putting the effort to make them and for sharing those with us. You are doing a great job.

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      Thank you for the note Nathalie. I love hearing that these are adding value to you!

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