Crafting Content Ep 07: Closing

In your closing you're going to paint a picture of a new reality. What is possible for them if they do what you are recommending they take action on?


  • Celebrate the Close

    It's all come down to this. This moment. Make it matter.

  • Include a Call to Action

    Don't leave me asking "so now what??!" Give me a clear action that I can take now to make an impact.

  • Paint a Picture of Possibility

    If I can see how taking action will specifically make a difference in my life, I -- your listener -- can help amplify your core idea by making an impact of my own.

You want to celebrate the close. This is the grand finale to everything you're saying.Kymberlee

The close is one of the best parts of your talk and you want to finish strong. If you setup your talk to be an amazing experience for the audience, be sure not to take the close too lightly. You want to celebrate the close. This is the grand finale to everything you're saying.

Within the close section there are two parts:

First off, you want to include a call to action here that's very specific, not a call to action that at some point in the future you may want to take this action. No. You want to include something that the audience can do right then. It can be multiple things. This thing can be a mindset shift. It doesn't have to be a physical action that they take. This might be something where you're inviting them to think a little bit differently, or inviting them to never have the same perception about an idea after everything that you've shared with them.

Next, you want to paint a picture of the new reality. That may sound weird, but here's the thing: If you just tell them to do this thing, whatever that call to action is, they may or may not do it. If, instead, you tell them do this thing, and when they do here's how their life will change. Here's how their neighborhood will change. Here's how our global society will change. We need to help them visualize what is possible for them - what is possible in their life if they do what you're asking them to do. Don't leave off that part. Go ahead and include that visualization and help them see these new possibilities thanks to you sharing these ideas with them.

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