Delivery – Road to the Red Circle Ep 02

Your audience is paying close attention to your delivery. The more intentional you can be, the stronger the impact you can make.


  • Take time to study movement.

    Watch TED and TEDx Talks without sound. What do you notice? Determine what is different between in the movement of Talks you like and Talks you do not.

  • Plan your performance.

    Learn to master your movements inside of that red circle. As you begin to rehearse your delivery, be mindful that the audience can be distracted by predictable and repetitive movements.

  • Consider two audiences.

    In TED and TEDx Talks, you must connect with the audience in front of you. Additionally, since your Talk will be watched months and years into the future online, you'll want to make sure your Talk connects with your virtual audience as well.

You wouldn't leave the content of your talk to chance, so don't leave your movement to chance.Kymberlee

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