How to Tell Short Stories When the Stakes are High – A Conversation


I love the world of Story.

No matter if it's developing stories, delivering stories or discussing stories, I am there!

I just had the opportunity to sit down with Park Howell who's life's work is focused on the business of story. We had a blast during his podcast and covered some serious ground.

Here are the headlines of our conversation from The Business of Story site:

As a business professional, you want your ideas to be heard. Rise above the noise as you communicate your message quickly and effectively when you apply the five primal elements of a story in shorter forms.

Short Form is a story condensed into a brief, compressed format that forces maximum efficiency. And when stakes are high, it’s crucial that you know how to say more with less. Use short-form storytelling to communicate only what is necessary and relevant in a fashion that enchants the crowd.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • The 5 crucial steps in the creation of any story
  • How to master the art of owning any room with your anecdotes through story, structure, and staging
  • How to get your audience on the edge of their seat by the use of your “snap”
  • Why High-Stakes, Short-Form storytelling are driving business today
  • Tips and tricks to get your brain thinking in story and the narrative cycle
  • The history and evolution of TED Trends and TEDx presentation lengths

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