I have time – Developing Delivery Ep 01

As speakers and as performers, when we're backstage -- that's when the nerves can get the best of us. One of the most effective techniques to center us is also one of the most simple.


  • The Delivery vs The Content

    The most effective speakers spend as much time on delivery as they do content. When we train our delivery as much as we put effort into developing the words on the page, our audiences will have an incredible experience every time.

  • The Pre-Stage ritual

    In your rehearsals or right before you go onstage, say to yourself slowly, "I have time." This technique can center you, calm your nerves and allow your body to perform at its best.

  • The Audience

    In order to connect with our audiences, it starts with us being collected and ready to go, rather than appearing rushed. On stage, we can take our time - every time. When we do, that's when we can develop a relationship with those we are these to serve.

"Before you go on stage Kymberlee, say to yourself, I have time." Jean-Louis Rodrigue

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