I want something – Developing Delivery Ep 05

In order for storytelling to be effective, it is critical to be very clear on what your characters within the story WANT from one another. Once you know this, it will influence the way you bring those characters to life and deliver your story to your audience.


  • The two-party dialog

    Two-party dialog doesn't always play well on stage for a solo speaker. To improve this, start by getting very clear on what each character wants within the story.

  • Vocal techniques

    Use physicality to distinguish your characters from one another as you switch back and forth between them.

  • Character exploration

    The two-party dialog is one of the most difficult aspects of storytelling from the stage. It requires a lot of practice to get right.

"When telling a story, it is critical that we know what each character in the story wants from one another, even if one of those characters is us."Kymberlee Weil

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