Major Mistakes Ep 04: The Morning Of

Rushing around. No plan. Huge carb-heavy breakfast. Poor hydration. Freaking out. No warmups. I've seen all these things. In fact, I've DONE most of these things and these mistakes can be detrimental to you being amazing on stage.

Takeaways What Not to Do:

  • Breakfast

    Having a huge carbohydrate-filled breakfast or unusual breakfast.

  • Hydration

    Not drinking water.

  • Rushing

    Slow... Down... You have time.

  • No Plan

    Having no plan for pre-stage time.

An amazing theater coach that I train with, Jean-Louis Rodrigue, taught me to say these three words before every performance: "I have time." Because guess what? You do.Kymberlee

It's the morning of your next huge talk, and you realize, "I don't have a plan."

All of a sudden you're rushing around because you're not sure what to do next and when you actually need to be there, and if you have everything in order or not, and what you need to worry about, and then you think, "Well, maybe I should have a big breakfast. Maybe I should have a pancake breakfast and I should eat a whole stack of pancakes."

Or you think, "You know, it's the morning of. I probably shouldn't drink anything. I shouldn't even drink any water because I might have to tinkle and I don't want to have to do that." So you don't drink.

Don't do that. Those are among the biggest mistakes that I see people making the morning of a big speaking engagement or even a normal speaking engagement. You always want to have a plan of what you're going to do that morning. What time are you going to wake up? What are you going to wear? What are you going to eat? What are you going to drink? When do you need to arrive? What are you going to do backstage? How are you going to get yourself ready?

All of those things matter and one of the things that an amazing theater coach that I train with, Jean-Louis Rodrigue taught me, is to say these three words: "I HAVE TIME." Because guess what? You do. Backstage, say those three words. It'll help ground you and get you 100% present in the moment so that you can be amazing on stage.

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