Managing Mindset Ep 01: Commitment

Your mindset matters. It starts with commitment.


  • Commit to your content

    Once you have your idea, trust yourself and stay the course. You can always save separate ideas for your next talk.

  • Commit to your performance

    Establish a consistent rehearsal pattern and stick with it. It takes time to build a habit though once you have it, it will pay off.

  • Commit to your mindset

    You (what's going on in your head) may be your own most significant challenge at times. Focus the the long term game rather than the short term distraction.

Your mindset matters. When you choose to commit to your content and to your performance, that's when you can deliver a talk that will affect change.Kymberlee

In this next series we're going to talk about one of my favorite topics of all time: Mindset. As an athlete I had to work on my mindset constantly from being a little girl all the way up to this day. Your mindset matters, and as a speaker, you need to have control of your mindset as well, so what we're going to do is unpack different ways to look at mindset throughout the next seven videos.

We're going to start with Commitment.

Now, there's commitment on the side of your content and there's also commitment on the side of your performance. So, let's take a look at these two areas.

As it relates to content, you need to be committed to your idea. A lot of times, I'll be working with speakers and we'll be about a month out from them delivering the talk of their lives and then they say, "You know what? Maybe I should change my topic. Maybe they won't like what I'm talking about, or I won't have the reaction I'm looking for." No, please don't do that! You want to stick - commit - to that topic. Once you start developing a talk around a particular subject go all in on that. Chances are, you are the expert in this field and you have so much to tell us and there's so much we can learn from you. Commit to that topic and stay the course.

On the performance side of things you also need to commit to your rehearsals. You've got to move your body and you've got to explore different characters, explore how you're going to transition in your talk, and work on the rehearsals and commit to those. We can't do rehearsals kind of half way and say, "Well, I'll rehearse on Monday," and then a couple days go by and "Maybe I should rehearse again." No, please dont' do that either! You've got to have a consistent rehearsal pattern so that when you are on stage, that's when you can give the talk that people never forget.

Commit to your mindset and make sure that you focus on commitment as it relates to your content and to your performance.

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    1. I am having so much fun creating these and it means the world to hear they are inspiring and adding value. Thank you Nathalie!

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