Managing Mindset Ep 02: Fear

As long as you put your heart and soul into your content and you speak with authenticity, it's going to be worth it every single time.


  • Fear and Content

    Trust your material. The better you know your subject matter, the more you can teach us your own perspective on a topic.

  • Fear and Performance

    Freezing on stage. Jitters. Shaky hands. We've all been there. When fear comes up, allow it to fuel the gift you are giving to the audience.

  • Fear and Vulnerability

    As a speaker, feeling fear is just part of the game. Let it happen. Your audience will appreciate the authenticity.

We want to see you in your raw self. If you're sweating -- okay, great -- we know this really matters to you!Kymberlee

The next area I want to explore when we are managing our mindset is Fear. I hear this every day in the work that I do and speakers feel fear in different areas. They either feel it on the content side or on the performance side and often times both.

Starting with the content: When you're developing your talk and you feel fear coming up you may think things like, "Gosh I wonder if they really want to hear what I have to say", or, "I'm concerned that people won't even care about my subject. They might just walk out of the room in the middle of my talk." Those things are natural to think. We all have times where we may doubt ourselves.

Fear means that you are concerned about the outcome and you want your audience to love what you're going to present to them. As long as you put your heart and soul into your content, and you speak from the heart, it's going to be worth it every single time.

Fear comes up a lot on the performance side. Fear that you might freeze, or fear that you will forget the next line, or you'll miss a really important part of your talk that is the key to everything. Again that's normal. It just means that you really want your performance to be great. So, how do you deal with this? Well when you're feeling fear come up, work with it, go into it.

You may feel your heart racing. Just know that that's part of the game as a speaker. You may feel a little sweaty and kind of sticky. That's okay. The audience wants to see the authentic you. They don't want to see some stiff speaker speaking behind a podium reading off of a script. No. They want to see you in your raw self. If you're sweating okay, great, we know you care.

When you're focusing on your mindset and you're looking at fear, be willing to just go right at it on the content side and on the performance side.

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