Managing Mindset Ep 03: Ritual

Create rituals around crafting your content and around perfecting your performance if you want to be truly unforgettable.


  • Ritualize your content

    When you work on your content regularly and reliably, you will always be ready to go when you receive that unexpected call to speak at the last minute.

  • Ritualize your performance

    If you establish a non-negotiable daily rehearsal ritual, you will transform your performance and you'll be that speaker audiences can't get enough of.

  • Identify negative rituals

    While you are creating your new rituals, notice the rituals you already have in place that aren't serving you. (We all have these.) Let them go to make space for your new ones.

Imagine how much stronger your performance would be in 30 days if you ritualize your rehearsals.Kymberlee

While we're looking at managing our mindset I want to dig into the idea of rituals. What rituals do you create in your life that serve you, and what rituals do you create in your life that don't serve you?

As a speaker, rituals are everything. When you're focusing on the content part of your talk you want to develop rituals around creating the content and not leave that to chance. I hear of speakers flying in a plane to their speaking gig and they're writing their talk on the plane. Try not to do that. You really want to create rituals around your content so that when you do get that call, and you do get asked to do that keynote, you have it ready to go, because you've ritualized creating your content.

And what does that look like? Maybe it's just a half an hour a day. A half an hour a day for you to work on your content. Your stories, your transitions, the opening, the closing. That can transform you as a speaker if you do it every day, because, here's the thing: rituals are non-negotiable. Rituals are things that happen every single day. Set yourself up for doing these rituals can have an incredible effect on the content you create.

Now, on the performance side of your speaking, you also want to create rituals around that as well and that might look like, again, another half an hour. And choose a time that you can perform every day. You can rehearse your talk every day. Maybe it's 30 minutes. Maybe it's only 20 minutes a day. Imagine if you were doing rehearsals every single day. Imagine how much stronger your performance would be in 10 days or 30 days. You might be a different person in 30 days by really getting the reps in on your content by rehearsing it day after day after day.

If you want some in-depth tips about rehearsal rituals, we did a whole series of seven on those. So, after this video, you can go back and watch those, because those may have some really good tips and tricks that you can use.

So, here's what I want you to do: Ritualize your life as a speaker by creating rituals around your content, and also rituals around your performance too, because then you will be that speaker that your audience never forgets.

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