Managing Mindset Ep 04: Grit

Grit is having the mindset that allows you to dig in and do the task that needs to be done, especially when you really don't want to do the task.


  • Why you need grit

    It's an opportunity to show your strength of character, your courage and your resolve.

  • How you can apply grit to your content

    By adopting the mindset to stay the course and complete yet another draft, no matter how strong resistance is.

  • When you should use grit in your performance

    Each time you feel that you want to skip your rehearsals, choose to make it happen - even if it isn't pretty.

In order to be a world-class speaker you have an opportunity to find your grit and use it to do what others won't.Kymberlee

This week we are going to talk about the concept of grit. In order to be a world-class speaker you've got to find grit. It is part of who you are.

From a content perspective, grit comes into play a lot because you're going to be going into drafts, and drafts, and drafts. You might get to 10 drafts or more before you're ready to have a hero version of your talk. Where grit comes in: there is the mindset to be able to just sit your butt down and write another draft. You're not going to want to. Your friends are going to be out doing fun things and you're going to be invited to different things along the way. You're going to be tested to see how much grit you actually have. If you are willing to roll up those sleeves and stay the course and get that next draft done, that's when you will be that speaker that people just can't forget.

Now on the performance side of things, grit comes in a lot. When you're working on your rehearsals you'll think, "I've done this story 50 times. Why do I need to do it again?" You need to do it again because there are gifts in doing the rehearsals. There are little nuggets that you might never have noticed before. You might take on a character in a different way. You might say a line with different cadence. There are so many riches to uncover in your rehearsals. You've got to have the grit to be willing to do your rehearsals again and again and again. Day in, day out, no matter what happens, again, to make this training something that happens in your life no matter what.

When you do, that's when you can be in your strongest self as a speaker on stage. So make sure that you find that grit and put this into your mindset in your future talks.

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