Managing Mindset Ep 05: Risk

Nothing truly remarkable ever comes from playing it safe. You have to be willing to take risks as a speaker.


  • Risks in your content

    Have a strong point of view. We want to hear your opinion and then it's up to us to decide if we agree or not. Vanilla speakers are not the ones that are remembered so get comfortable with not pleasing everyone.

  • Risks in your performance

    Put down your notes and get out from behind that podium! Your audience will appreciate your vulnerability. (Note that 'Be Vulnerable' was one of the original three TED commandments.)

  • Risks as your new normal

    Decide to incorporate risks as you are creating your content and as you are working on your performance. As told to us by Tom and Kelly of The Second City, "The thing is, if you are good at what you do, you're going to fail, because it means you're out there taking risks." It's okay that not every risk will result in huge success because every risk will result in valuable lessons learned.

Look, risk is important. When we're willing to step out there for what we believe in or what matters to us, that's when we can effect change in the world.Kymberlee

This week on Managing Mindset I want to look at risk. Are you taking a risk with the content you're creating? Why not? Oftentimes people will be resistant to risk. They'll think, "Oh I don't want to tell that story because it's too personal," or "I don't want to take a real strong point of view because some people may not like what I have to say."

Look, risk is important. When we're willing to step out there for what we believe in or what matters to us that's when we can effect change in the world. Go ahead and take a risk and it's okay if not everybody loves your content. That's okay. People are entitled to their own opinions. What you need to know is what matters to you. What do you believe in? What are you willing to fight for and to stand for when you're creating your content?

On the performance side, risk is also a huge player in your performance, of course. It influences the rituals that you're doing with your rehearsals and actually what you are doing on stage. A lot of people feel comfortable speaking behind a podium. Don't do that. Step outside the podium. It's okay, nothing's gonna happen to you. A lot of people also feel like they need to have some notes of some kind in their hand. They need to have an index card or something to go to in their hand. Take a risk with your performance and just let it go and speak from the heart.

That's what I'm doing right now in these videos. These videos are not scripted. I know that I want to talk about risk and off I go. If I have to do multiple takes, it's going to be different every time. This is what matters to me and this is what I believe in and that's what I want for you too.

Get out there and take a risk with your content and in your performance. You may find it actually feels good!

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