Managing Mindset Ep 06: Focus

Your ability to focus the content of your talk is critical to your audience being able to follow the concepts you present to them. From a performance perspective, you can use focus to direct your audience's attention.


  • Focus Your Content

    When you establish one solid core idea, you can build your entire talk around that focused content.

  • Focus Your Performance

    As you work to polish your performance, you have a opportunity to keep the audience engaged by varying their focus at different points within your talk.

  • Focus Your Rehearsals

    Each time you prep for your next talk, you can make sure to plan out focused rehearsal time where 100% of your attention is on your craft.

How you move will draw attention, and not moving at all will also draw attention. Focus wisely.Kymberlee

Focus is one of the topics that we have to pay attention to when we're looking at managing our mindset. Nowadays our focus is being challenged almost every minute, maybe even every second. When you're working on your content your focus matters, too.

When you're developing your talk, it is critically important to focus on one core idea and from there you can expand your talk out. You can use story. You can use lessons. You can use statistics and controversies. Everything can be in support of that one core idea, that focused idea, because then the audience can follow you and they know where you're going and they will know what this talk is about.

Focus also matters on the performance side. Think of magicians on stage. They use focus to distract but also they focus on motions when they want to direct your attention elsewhere. Look here, not there.

You can use focus as a performer when you're on stage delivering your talk to attract the audience to things that you want them to see and things that you don't as well. How you move will draw attention, and not moving at all will also draw attention.

Play with this concept of focus both in the content of your talk and with your performances on stage because when you do, this will up level your talks to yet another place.

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