Managing Mindset Ep 07: Confidence

If you want to feel that confidence, start with what you know to be true - no matter what - when it comes to your content. On the performance side, what you do backstage can influence your confidence levels significantly.


  • Content Confidence

    That little voice in your mind is going to challenge you. A lot. That's okay and it's normal. Know that your ideas matter and we want to hear them.

  • Performance Confidence

    You can generate confidence when you're not feeling it naturally. It starts with experimenting and discovering what is most effective for you.

  • Building Confidence

    Think of confidence like a muscle. The more you challenge it and train it, the stronger it will become.

If you want that confidence, it is right there for the taking.Kymberlee

It's very important to look at the idea of confidence when managing our mindset. Here's what's going to happen: Your mind is going to say, "How confident are you really?" And your mind is going to challenge you.

When you're working on the content of your talk, and you're going through draft after draft after draft, there's going to be that voice inside your head that says, "Oh, maybe it's not good enough," or "Maybe they won't like what I'm telling them." Well guess what? If you tell us things that really matter to you; if you share ideas of what you know to be true, you've done your research, you know the statistics, you know the controversies, then you can't help but being confident because you're just telling us things that actually happened in our world.

When you're working on the performance side of your talk confidence plays a huge role as well. In fact, a lot of times you may not feel that confident in stepping out on stage, but you can kind of fake it. There are tips and techniques that you can do to help yourself feel confident. Maybe it's a physical move that you do, like burpees. Or maybe it's just a deep breath. Maybe it's just pausing, but it's something that you do behind stage, before you ever walk out onstage, so that it makes you feel alive. And it makes you feel like, "I've got this."

Play with those areas on both your content side and your performance side. If you want that confidence, it is right there for the taking.

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