Mindful Memorization Ep 01: Sticky Notes

Visualization jump starts memorization. You can use sticky notes to structure your talk in a visual form that will help you in committing your material to memory.


  • Create an outline

    Outlines are essential to memorization.

  • Use short phrases

    Short phrases can help trigger the larger message in your mind.

  • Play with color

    Color emphasizing importance and priority.

I love sticky notes so much that people actually send me pictures of their sticky notes.Kymberlee

We are getting ready for the next TEDx event that we produce in Santa Barbara. Leading up to that event all the speakers have been using different techniques to memorize their talks. Now there are so many different techniques out there that can be very, very effective for people in memorizing a talk of any length. Whether it's a TEDx talk 18 minutes or less or a 60 minute keynote. There are great techniques that will work for certain people and there are different techniques that can work even better for others. So what I want to do in this series is take you through a lot of the key techniques that I use with the speakers I work with.

The first one is sticky notes. I love sticky notes. I love sticky notes so much that the people I work with actually send me pictures of their sticky notes. Here's what you want to do: If you're going to use sticky notes, you want to create an outline of your talk in sticky note form. Then you're going to want to put them on an area in your house or your office that you walk by often. It might be the bathroom mirror or it could be a sliding glass door.

What you do is you set up your notes in an outline form. So you want a note and then another note and then a note indented from there, and then a main topic note and sub-notes to that. What you're doing is creating an outline that your mind can instantly do a screenshot of, and kind of capture that talk and the flow of the talk in outline form.

Now on these sticky notes you don't want to do an entire sentence per note. It's just about a word or a phrase. Something to trigger your mind as to what's going on in that section. You can also use color to help you separate the levels of importance in your talk. So you can use color with the sticky notes themselves or you can use colored pens. You can experiment with what helps you remember your points most.

I use sticky notes 100% of the time in every talk I do. I just can't do a talk without them. It really helps me. So give sticky notes a chance, and see if they work for you too.

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  1. I use Sticky Notes a lot too! Good idea! The best part is, I can move them around to try out an idea.

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