Mindful Memorization Ep 02: Hand Drawing

Drawing out your talk with images can help trigger your talking points and the sequence that they go in.


  • Transform Words into Images

    When you take the time to hand draw the meaning of your messages using icons and symbols, this will give you a significant jump start on your memorization.

  • Condense Concepts into Single Shapes

    Distilling your Talk down by paragraph using drawings, helps your memory recall that picture if fear gets the best of you on stage.

  • Use Stick Figures Rather Than Elaborate Drawings

    Images only need to have meaning to you and they do not have to be detailed. The more simple, the better.

Every Talk can be distilled into pictures. Kymberlee

Another fantastic memory technique is drawing your talk out from start to finish. I know that might sound kind of weird or like such an undertaking. Let's say you have an hour keynote. You're thinking, how am I going to draw this entire thing out? You can do it, whether it's an 18 minute TEDx talk or it's a longer form talk, every talk can be distilled into pictures.

When you do this, it can be a game changer. A lot of the people I coach try this technique; usually reluctantly, I have to say. Yet once they try this, it can be transformational in the way that they memorize their talks. Here's how it works. You can take your talk and distill it down into each paragraph using a symbol or a picture, it can even be a stick figure. This does not have to be detailed. It does not have to have such fine detail on it like an artist would do. No. Instead, these are just symbols that have meaning to you. When you do that, your mind can help remember your talk and remember the pictures of the talk in the sequence that it follows.

When you draw pictures of your talk, you're not going to want to do random pictures up on the wall. Instead, draw your pictures in the sequence of the talk as it goes. For example, let's say you take a big white paper and you put that up on the wall. Such as some butcher paper or something like that. You draw and you have a stick figure and you have a square and you have a triangle and you know what these pictures represent. Maybe you have some wavy lines. When you go through your talk, you'll know that, for example, the triangle - maybe that symbolizes a paragraph about choices and how we need to make choices and the right choices in business. That'll just trigger that memory for you. And maybe the wavy figure of the water symbolizes that we have to be able to go with the flow and we have to be able to be fluid in our delivery of particular messages in a business context. What matters is what it means to you. These images just have to be something that you can remember and that your mind will capture. Make it easy on yourself and try this technique. I guarantee it will have an impact on your memorization.

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