Mindful Memorization Ep 03: Spatial Anchoring

Use spatial anchoring to physically attach your talk to the environment that you'll be moving within.


  • Map ideas to stage location

    Use your physical location on the stage to trigger your memory.

  • Make sure your movement is fluid

    Practice your Talk in a similar space to the one you will be presenting in and allow yourself to move within each mapped out area seamlessly.

  • Reimagine yourself in the scene of your story

    When telling a story, see yourself in that actual environment and make sure it is the same every time.

You can use spatial anchoring to trigger ideas within your talk based on where you are located on stage or within a room.Kymberlee

When you're getting ready for your next talk and you're working on different memorization techniques, another incredibly powerful one is spatial anchoring. Now, what I mean by that is to actually anchor your talk to the environment that you are going to be moving within. It might be a big stage where you have a lot of room to move or it might be a red circle in a TEDx talk. Whatever the environment is, you can attach ideas to location of where you're going to stand.
For example, let's say you're going to land your core idea and you know that in that point of your talk you want to be front center. Or let's say you have some statistics and figures and there's a whole section on data, you might anchor that in this side of the circle. Let's say there are lessons that you want to share, those might be anchored in this side of the circle over here. Every time I go to the front center, I know this is going to be my core idea. Every time I'm over here in this general area, this is gonna be something else.

You can plan out where you're going to be. Now, I want to caution you that you don't want to be abrupt with your movement. I'm here and I'm only talking about this and I'm not moving. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying within this zone, move around a little bit, but right here this can be a mental trigger for you that when you're here, something very specific happens. When you walk over here, this is where something very specific happens as well.

If you're story telling, let's say you're opening your talk with a story, you can actually place yourself in the scene of that story and you really want to do that anyway, in your mind. There's a particular story I tell where every single time the trees are here and the river is here. Every single time. I know when I'm near the river, something very specific is happening. When I'm over here in the tree zone, something very specific is happening. Right in the middle is when I'm having a two party dialogue with another character in my story. This can really help your mind trigger, "Oh right, I'm here and this is what's supposed to happen. I'm over here, and this is what's supposed to happen." This can make a game changing difference in your talk, so give it a try and see if it works for you.

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