Mindful Memorization Ep 04: Longhand Writing

Putting pen to paper can have a transformational effect on your memory. Skip this step at your own peril.


  • Diversify Your Process:

    Write out pieces of your Talk repetitively that are not yet committed to memory and that are giving you trouble.

  • Broaden Your Perspective:

    Try writing parts of your talk from a different point of view. This will expand your perspective and give you additional material.

  • Enhance Your Recall:

    Take the time to write out your concepts by hand and you will see that this can drastically help evoke your ideas on the spot as you are delivering your Talk.

Work on the sections that are giving you trouble that you just don't have immediate recall to because writing it out really can be a game changer.Kymberlee

As you're working on your next talk, and you're looking at different memory techniques, here's another one to try:

Write your talk out. And I know that might sound really rudimentary. "Kymberlee, come on, write my talk out? Really?"

Yes! Really.

Here's the thing, a lot of times these days, we type our talks out, so we have no pen and pencil anything. It's just type, type, type. And all of a sudden, there's our talk. When you take the time to actually put pen to paper and write out your talk sentence for sentence, idea for idea, even your outline, it can have a transformational effect on your memory and being able to recall what you want to say as you're delivering your talk.

And you don't have to write out your talk every single sentence from start to finish. What you can do is write out pieces of it. Write out pieces that are not yet committed to memory. Let's say you know your opening cold, you've got that. Okay, great. Work on the other sections. Work on the transitions. Work on your close. Work on the sections that are giving you trouble that you just don't have immediate recall to because writing it out really can be a game changer.

I work with a lot of speakers and I was actually just working with one last week who was trying a lot of different memory techniques and none were exactly hitting for her. We went back to the basics. And we went to writing it out, game changer. In 24 hours, she had her talk almost ready to go just from writing it out. Now, she probably spent many, many hours writing it out that day, but it worked. And, this can work for you too.

So, when you're looking at developing your next talk and you're not really sure what memory techniques to use, try this technique. What you can also do is try writing it out from a different point of view. Let's say your story is about more than you. It's about you and someone else and you're telling a story to open up your talk. You can actually write it out as the other person in the story and it will give you a whole different perspective of your talk. And you can use sentences that you find when you're actually writing that out that can help bring the talk to life even more. So, try that technique the next time you're working on your memorization.

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  1. I really like this technique. I go slow enough to think about the words I’m using.. It’s helped evolve my story each time.

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