Name Your Year – Creating a powerful context for 2019

As this month ends, the new year is fast upon us. Why not give the incoming year something memorable that will effect every aspect of our lives?


  • Why Name Your Year?

    New Year's Resolutions often don't work. Enough said. Instead, you have an opportunity to focus on creating a larger context for the year and live into this new focus every single day.

  • Who are you, anyway?

    You can decide who you want to become and where you want to go. A little introspection is helpful here! Name Your Year helps to empower your journey to the person you want to grow into.

  • Is this a secret mission?

    No! Once you've got your year named, and you know where you're going, get it out there. Involve your circle, tell the world. Hold yourself to account, and most of all, ENJOY this new year and the new you!

"When you put a stake in the ground and decide to Name Your Year, this one decision will change you for the better - all year long!"Kymberlee Weil

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