obstacles - distraction and time

Outthinking Obstacles Ep 02: Distraction

Your time is the most precious asset you have. If you don't put a high value on it, you can't expect others to.


  • Schedule time to focus on your craft.

    Create your own block of time devoted to working on areas that will help you improv as a speaker.

  • Keep your time distraction-free.

    Turn your phone off or put it on airplane mode. Don't talk to anyone for that block of time.

  • Commit to keeping this time sacred.

    It's hard. It's a muscle you've got to exercise again and again. When you do that, you'll see your skills accelerate.

Your time is one of your most important assets. Guard that and protect it fiercely! Kymberlee

This week, when we look at outthinking our obstacles, we're going to unpack the feeling of distraction. I have all of these things going on, and now I'm here, and now I'm over there, and now I'm doing this, but I should be doing that, and now, there's a phone call, there's a social media beep on my phone, there's a cat that needs to be petted. Oh, the cat. The cat that needs to be petted or maybe brushed. Oh, I should probably work on my speech.

This happens to all of us, doesn't it? I know that distraction is a huge challenge in our world today and especially as a speaker because we have events where we speak at a certain point in time but leading up to that time, there are things that should happen. You should rehearse. You should write your talk out. You should get reps in on the entire movement of how you're going to move to deliver that talk and we are challenged with: yes, I should do that, yet there is this opportunity to go out to a play or there's this opportunity to....again, the cat is so nice to pet.

We have to get control of this. What do we do? First off, value your time. Your time is precious. If you can make a schedule for yourself and protect that time, it will be a game-changer for you. Here's what I mean by that. You can create your own block of time, maybe it's in the morning, and you know that you go through a series of things that you do, that you need to do as a speaker. This is your profession. Maybe you get up and you work and then you meditate and then you run a rehearsal of your current talk. Maybe you work on the beginning or the ending or all of it or maybe you play with different characters, but this block of time is yours, and you are not distracted during that block of time.

You turn your phone off, put it on airplane mode. You don't answer anything that comes your way. If someone walks into your, let's say you're doing this at your office, you're not talking to anyone at that time or if you're doing it at home, you're not talking to your significant other, just for that block of time. If the cat comes in, well, that's another story because ... no. If that cat comes in, you might give the cat a quick bit of attention, but back you go to really protecting your time because when you do that, you'll come out of this sacred block of time feeling amazing.

I guarantee you will feel amazing for keeping this time just for you and sacred. Then let the world have at you from then on. Then respond to those emails, return those phone calls, whatever you need to do, but keep that sacred time distraction-free. It's hard. It's a muscle. You've got to work it again and again and again. It's not easy, though when you do that, you'll see that your skills will just accelerate and accelerate and accelerate, because you've saved time to put in for you and your craft.

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