speaker obstacles - resistance

Outthinking Obstacles Ep 03: Resistance

Create a plan, commit to conquering it, and give yourself a treat when you're done.


  • Stick to the plan.

    If you are committing to a 20-minute rehearsal in the morning, do your 20 minute rehearsal in the morning. No matter what. It takes muscle and grit.

  • Reward yourself.

    Give yourself a treat when you've done the thing you’ve committed to do. Who doesn't love a treat?

  • Ask yourself, “Why am I feeling resistance?”

    The answers to that question may be the key to actually getting through your resistance.

When you're looking at resistance, one of the most important questions to sink into and ask yourself is, why?Kymberlee

This week, as we're looking to outthinking our obstacles, we're going to dive into the world of resistance. Resistance. I know I feel that all the time. And chances are, you do too. Resistance is part of our lives, especially as a speaker. So what do you do?

Sometimes you might feel resistance where you really should sit down and write your next draft, but you just don't want to do it. Or, you really should rehearse because you've got a deadline that you're working against for your next talk, but you think, "I'll do that on Saturday." If you can get yourself a plan of how you're going to tackle what you need to do, that can help tremendously.

So here's what that might look like. Let's say you know you need to rehearse every day and you're going to set aside 20 minutes to rehearse. Resistance will hit. Resistance will say, "Oh, instead of rehearsing you could do this other thing, you could do this fun thing, or this monotonous thing, but anything instead of rehearsing." Instead of that, commit to the task that you have laid out in your plan. So if you are committing to a 20 minute rehearsal in the morning, do your 20 minute rehearsal in the morning, no matter what. It takes a muscle. You have to battle resistance all the time.

Here's how it can really help you though, once you set a plan, you do that thing, whatever that is, make sure to reward yourself when you're done. And so what this might look like, for me, I'll say, "Okay, I'm going to do my 20 minute rehearsal, and when I'm done, I'm going to have my favorite cup of tea. Or when I'm done, I'm going to talk a walk to the beach, because I've done that thing I committed to doing."

When you're looking at resistance, one of the most important questions to just really sink into and ask yourself is, why? Why am I feeling resistance to rehearse? Why? Am I scared of doing it wrong, am I scared of failing? Why is it, because some of the most interesting answers to that question of why will give you a really good insight to why resistance is hitting for you, and might be a really good key to getting through that.

So try that technique, give yourself a reward, I call it a treat. (I get a treat when I do my one thing I've committed to do.) See how that works for you!

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