Outthinking Obstacles Ep 05: Judgement

When you shift your way of thinking from focusing on yourself or what other people may think of you, to thinking of how you can help people, that's how you can affect change.


  • Accept that humans judge

    You do it. I do it. We all do it. We internally judge ourselves and externally judge others. Recognize that that's okay.

  • Focus your thoughts outward

    Concentrate on providing value and using what you know and what you’ve learned to help people.

  • Have a strong point of view

    You have to be willing to stand for what you believe in.

Your internal judgment can have a huge impact on what you create and what you put out in the world. When you shift your mindset to focusing instead on how you can help people, then you can affect change.Kymberlee

Judgment is external and internal. You really want to pay attention to the judgment that you are making in your own mind because that can have a huge impact on what you create and what you put out in the world. If you judge yourself too harshly, it will keep you from doing that talk you have coming up or it will keep you from putting that video out there because you'll think, "Oh, I'm just not ready." Or, "I don't look right."

I'm speaking from experience here. I didn't want to do this video series because I thought, "Oh, I don't want to be on camera all the time. I don't know about my outfit or my hair." Or all these crazy things. We think about these things, and that kept me from doing this video series.

Now I have actually shifted this whole way of thinking. Instead of focusing on me and what I'm worried about and all the thoughts in my mind, I'm thinking outward. I'm thinking, "How can I help people?" How can I use what I know and what I've learned and what I've been taught to actually help people?

That really helps erase the judgment. Okay, so my outfit isn't perfect. That's all right because I'm actually providing value with my content, and you have the opportunity to do that too.

First of all, realize that people judge. That's just how it is out there in our world. People judge. You're probably judging me right now and deciding, "Do I like her coat? Hmm maybe not." Or, "Her hair looks kind of funny, so I'm judging that too." People judge. It's how it goes. So, accept that. Know that that's happening, and then be willing to have a strong point of view.

When you're working on a TEDx Talk, for example, these talks are about ideas worth spreading, and these talks are about a point of view on a subject. Let's take global warming. There are a lot of TED Talks on global warming. Every single one has a different point of view, and you have to be willing to stand for what you believe in.

People will judge you. That's okay. Know it's going to happen. Fine. But when you think and look outwards and look at, "Why am I doing this?" I'm doing this to help people. I'm doing this to affect change in my community, in our nation, in our world so that the decisions that you make are based on helping other people. This can completely shift your thinking from stopping doing something to taking that step forward and actually delivering that content or that idea so that you can really make a difference in people's lives.

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