Rehearsal Rituals Ep 01: Where To Practice

Every free moment is a practice moment. Or they could be wasted moments. You choose.


  • Practice Often

    Your life is full of free moments. Use those moments to your advantage.

  • Practice Everywhere

    The world is your rehearsal hall. Your cats are your test audience.

  • Create a ZONE

    Create a safe space in your home to be your ZONE. This space is yours and yours alone.

Should I make that smoothie or should I practice? You should practice. Kymberlee

As you're getting ready for a talk, you need to think about where you're going to practice and the answer is everywhere you can! So as you're walking from your car to your office or in your home or on the train, wherever you go, driving in your car ... maybe be careful with that... you want to think about practicing as often as you can. Walking on the beach is another great place that I love to practice.

So that's all great and should be as a part of what you do every week as a speaker and it's really important that in your home you create a practice zone. What I mean by this is it's a special place in your home. It doesn't have to be a big place. It could be a very small contained place but you know that when you go to this place, this is yours. You own this. This is where you can really move and you can work through your stories, your content, your close, everything that you want to do in that zone.

Try to pick a place for this zone that's not in a place that has a lot of clutter and not necessarily right by your kitchen if you can avoid it because then you'll think, "Should I make that smoothie or should I practice?" You should practice. So get that zone and know that that is your place that you can just own every time you need to.

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