Storytelling Secrets Ep 05: When Do You Use a Story?

Open your mind to all the possibilities that are around you and use story to help bring these points to life.


  • Punctuate

    Apply story to different points within your Talk to bring them to life.

  • Illustrate

    Use story to help add meaning to the messages you want to deliver.

  • Stand out

    Make what you say memorable through story telling and you will set yourself apart from others.

You can use story to illustrate the main points within your talk.Kymberlee

You have your story. You've applied a great structure to it. Now, when do you use this story? You can apply story to all kinds of different points within your talk. For example, you can open your talk with a story. Your entire talk can be a story. You can close your talk with a powerful story, a vision of what is possible. You can use story to illustrate the points within your talk. Also, you can use story outside of just one talk. You can use story on your website. You can use story if, let's say, you're interviewed for a podcast. Why not start off with a story? Let's say you're writing an article. Start off with a story, and then include story within your article. Even when you're being interviewed, you can start off with a story.

Stories can bring anything that you're talking about to life and you have so many opportunities to use story that are all around you. Think about how it can set you apart. Let's say you're on a panel and I've had this happen to one of my clients - this exact same thing happened. There was a panel, six different people, all had a certain amount of time to talk. When it was his time to talk, he started with a story. Guess who had the best reviews of anyone on the panel? He did, because people remembered what he said. He told his lessons through a story. Open your mind to all the possibilities that are around you and use story to help bring these points to life.

Oh, here's another place you can use story. You can use story on the About page on your website. Wouldn't you want to tell a story about yourself?

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