Storytelling Secrets Ep 07: How Do You Bring Stories to Life?

The audience wants to feel like they're right there with you, almost like being an invisible character within your story.


  • Use the Characters

    Take on an attribute of a character as you play yourself and a different attribute for each other person within your story.

  • Recreate the Environment

    Recall the physical objects and landmarks within your story and paint the scene by placing these objects around you.

  • Engage the Senses

    Tap into all five senses and reference them specifically to add depth and detail to your stories.

You can use character to really bring your stories to life. Kymberlee

Let's say you're telling a story about the seven year old you. You might stand kind of a little different when you were seven. Maybe you were shy. And maybe in the story, you're talking about your mom, who was in the story. Maybe there's a particular way she would stand. Maybe she was a mom that was very stern, and she would stand a particular way. You can use character to really bring your stories to life.

You also want to use the environment. When we're an audience listening to your story, we want to put ourselves in that environment, so describe it as best you can. If you are at a lake, you want to know, where is that lake? Don't move it around. If the lake is here, it should always be here. Even if you're moving around, and telling about different things that happened, the lake is always there.

Also, use the senses. And what I mean by that is, we want to know as much detail as you can give us about this story. Was it hot outside? Or was it cold outside? Or was it daytime? Nighttime? Was it raining? Was it snowing? Were you at the beach? What did it smell like? What did you feel like? Use as many senses as you can because, as an audience, when we're listening to you tell the story, we want to get a sense of what's going on. We want to feel like we are right there, almost as an invisible character with your story. The more detail that you can give us, the better.

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