Talking Technique Ep 04: Why don’t you… follow your fear?

Fear can seem debilitating at times. Yet in truth, fear is one of the best guides you can have on your team. When we choose to follow that fear and move towards it, we can produce some of our best work.


  • Decide to accept fear

    Fear will happen. Rather than avoiding or evading your fear, allow it to be a compass. It can guide you if you allow it to. Often times what fear really means is simply that you care.

  • Become a fear detective

    Why not have fun with fear? Take time to notice when and where it happens. The more you uncover about specific triggers and reactions, the more you can work with fear.

  • Experiment with fear misdirection

    You can use techniques to redirect the feelings that fear brings up. Try using breath and movement when you notice fear showing up.

"If I don't feel fear before I go on stage - if I'm feeling like, 'I've got this, don't worry about it!' - those are my worst performances. When I acknowledge the fear and step forward anyway, those are my best shows."Kymberlee Weil

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