Talking Technique Ep 05: Why don’t you… have a love affair with pauses?

You can use pausing in your storytelling. You can use pausing in your lessons. You can use pausing to draw attention to a moment.


  • Pausing retains attention

    The pause is an underline to any statement you've just made. Also, strategic pausing can bring an audience back from wandering attention.

  • Pausing helps your brain

    As a speaker, you can use a pause to allow your brain to catch up to what you're going to say next.

  • Pausing transmits emotion

    By planning moments where you pause to emphasize what you just said, it can allow the audience to feel what you're feeling.

It is rare that I ever have to tell somebody to speak faster. By far, the most common problem with speakers is not taking the time to pause and let the words emphasize themselves."Alan Irwin

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