Road to the Red Circle

An online course to help you create and deliver Talks that matter
with Kymberlee Weil

Effect Change. Speak Strategically.



Road to the Red Circle

An online course to help you create and deliver Talks that matter.
with Kymberlee Weil

Effect Change.
Speak Strategically.


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Would you like to know how to develop and deliver a Talk that must captivate your audience because
everything is on the line?


Do you have a High-Stakes Talk at a global conference coming up and only 20 minutes to do it?

Have you been invited to do a talk to industry influencers and you’re not sure where to start?

Are you speaking at your next board meeting and you need to persuade the participants?

Is it time for you to share your idea that can affect change in your industry?

Does that thought of ‘why me?’ prevent you from developing a Talk that can change lives?

Is your idea that can change the world stuck in your mind and you wish you could get it out?


Your message matters.

How you craft and communicate your ideas will either connect or sever you and your audience.


Kymberlee taught, coached, and held our TEDxYoungstown speakers accountable to their own personal excellence. The day of the event no one in the audience left their seats and every speaker received a standing ovation, some more than one!

Greg Smith


Kymberlee taught, coached, and held our TEDxYoungstown speakers accountable to their own personal excellence. The day of the event no one in the audience left their seats and every speaker received a standing ovation, some more than one!

Greg Smith



Let's start planning your own
Short-Form High-Stakes Talk.

Start with these three elements:
Story. Structure. Staging.


Tell Your story

You'll become skilled at giving your audience the experience of igniting all of their senses.


Learn Effective Structure

You will learn our valuable framework can be replicated in all future Talks and workshops that you create.


Master Unforgettable Staging

You'll develop the ability to up-level your performance and delivery using proven techniques and tools.

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What clients are saying about this training

  • Before working with Kymberlee my stories were long winded, chaotic, and lacked anything resembling a punch. Thankfully, I found Kymberlee well before taking the stage at TEDx Santa Barbara and my life has never been the same since. Now I use well-crafted, hard-hitting stories in every single area of my business and marvel at the power they have to influence and create the change I want, no matter who I’m speaking to. Stories are my new secret weapon and Kymberlee is the only person I trust to take them from good to life changing. Trust me: you need stories, and you need Kymberlee.

    Traver Boehm Author, Speaker, and Founder of the Man Uncivilized Movement
  • After my TEDx Talk, my friend just asked me how much of your teachings impacted my first non-TED talk.
    My response?
    All of it.
    I outlined it like you showed me, I practiced it the way you teach and I remembered the “I have time” mantra and paused for laughter. I read and revised trying to ask myself what you would tell me to cut.
    Thank you for changing my life and my speaking. I won the speaking contest and a $2,000 prize and booked another speaking gig from another association that was there.
    In other words: thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Tim Bauer Writer, Speaker
  • Giving a TED talk was incredibly rewarding, and one big reason was Kymberlee. She really knows the craft of storytelling, and she was willing to make sure I was telling the story I needed to tell. I was not always easy to work with, but she was patient when patience was needed and she was assertive when that’s what was needed. I trusted Kymberlee because I knew that she would be both honest and kind. About a week before the event, I was ready to pull out because I was feeling so anxious. Kymberlee was not phased — she listened to my rant, smiled with empathy and then got me refocused where I needed to be. So, here’s the bottom line — if you have the chance to get on the TED stage, do it! If you have the chance to have Kymberlee as your coach, definitely do it! Working with her was an incredibly worthwhile investment. I know that the final result was greatly enhanced by her expertise and her commitment.

    Dave Mochel Internationally Recognized Well-being Coach and Consultant. CEO at Applied Attention
  • I had the chance to work with Kymberlee on not one, but two TEDx talks. She has an innate ability to mine the diamonds in your story, and spin a web of connectivity and emotion in a way that serves the audience. She encourages you to step outside your comfort zone to ensure that you are playing to your potential, and lends you her confidence while you build your own. I can’t recommend her highly enough- if you are looking for a secret weapon- look no further- but be prepared to step into your greatness.

    Shelli Rae Varela Fire Captain, TEDx Speaker, Founder of The Yes Effect Show
  • I wanted to take another moment to thank you. I know that you are aware of the impact you make on people, but I have to tell you that you really helped me become a better communicator, and I will use these tools for the rest of my life as I work and play to make our world more just for those who deserve more, and for those of us who have it made. Much love to you and your craft.

    Alberto Retana Executive Vice-President, Community Coalition, South LA, CA

Every person on the planet has an idea the world needs to hear.

Learn at your own pace

7 Video Lessons + 1 Bonus.

These modules will take you from discovering your Core developing your entire Short-Form High-Stakes delivering it with profound results. Each lesson will build upon the skills learned and by the time you finish, you will have your Talk ready to go.


7 Course Lessons


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What's My Investment?

How much is your lack of confidence costing you? What if you could step out onto that stage and absolutely own it? Can you imagine giving the talk of your life and impacting thousands of lives for the better? What if you could improve your storytelling and communicate powerfully to your audience?

Let's first look at what you'll receive...

What's Inside the Course?

  • Extensive Video Library

    Seven core video lessons + a bonus video that will walk you through creating you own High-Stakes Short-Form Talk.

  • Exercises

    Downloadable step by step worksheets will help you apply insights from each lesson into your Talk.

  • Coaching Calls

    Kymberlee will answer member questions in a monthly live video call.

  • Weekly Prompts

    Receive action-oriented communications to extend your learning into practical application.


    We get it.
    You've got an important talk coming up and the stakes are high. When it comes to investing in this course, we refuse to add to your trouble. This program offers you maximal results, with zero added risk.

    The investment is $497*.

    *We are so confident that this course will help you, we are offering a 100% money back guaruntee on your registration. Complete all the worksheets and if you aren't fully satisfied, notify us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund all of your money. We want only utterly happy clients.

    start your journey today

    Imagine taking this Road to the Red Circle online course and having your idea packaged for the stage in only weeks from now.

    Or you can take no action at all and then your ideas will remain in your mind, never helping the people who need your wisdom and insights the most. We think that would be tragic.

    Register now and go from a quiet leader to a confident speaker who will affect change in our world - now.

    See you behind the curtain.

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    Who is Kymberlee?


    Kymberlee, aka the Strategic Samurai, is obsessed with the art of speaking and short form storytelling. She shares her experience behind the microphone with others in interactive workshops, online videos and private coaching.

    She has coached over 200 TEDx speakers and has worked with organizations and individuals who desire to enhance their public communication skills and crystallize their messages.

    She has been influenced by thirteen years attending the annual TED conference and producing six TEDx events, including TEDxSantaBarbara.

    Her specialty is in discovering a speaker’s core idea and transforming it into a message the world needs to hear through story, structure and staging.