Training Camp Mindset

Training Camp Mindset – Sharpening Skills Ep 01

Success on the stage starts with the right mindset. Choose to frame your training and set the stakes high so that every move you make leading up to your next Talk matters.


  • Block out training time.

    Your training time is important. Plan it and get up early, do the reps -- even when you do not want to. Especially when you do not want to.

  • Be all in it to win it.

    Focus on the best performance possible. Don't focus on trying not to screw up. That's not the mindset you need if you're going to blow people's minds.

  • Remember, speaking is an art.

    What successful artist doesn't understand the importance of practice, repetition, and improving at their craft? Refining your art takes commitment.

The more you commit to behind the curtain, the more you can play in front of the curtain.Kymberlee

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