samurai seven:

Client Confidential


samurai seven:

Client Confidential


samurai seven:

Client Confidential


As a speaking strategist, I am asked a lot of questions. Every day. All the time. I've noticed patterns in these inquiries and there are certain questions that I can predict new clients will ask every time. To help everyone, I am going to share both these questions and my answers... with you!


Client Confidential Ep 01:

How do you... find Ideas?

Finding ideas for your next High-Stakes Short-Form Talk can be challenging. Here are some ways to drive ideas for new content that will be valuable to our listeners.

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Client Confidential Ep 02:

How do you… select lessons?

As we strive to help our audiences up level their lives, we can use story to bring lessons to life. In choosing which lessons we want to share, we can look to frequency (of questions asked of us), essentialism (of minimally viable actions needed) and transformation (of the must do steps) to guide us.

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Client Confidential Ep 03:

How do you... choose stories?

Stories are all around us. The most memorable stories cause our audience to actually feel something.

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Client Confidential Ep 04:

How do you... inspire action?

RULE: Confused people do not take action. Be specific in your Talk with regards to benefits, timelines, and actions the listener can take NOW.

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Client Confidential Ep 05:

How do you... become disciplined?

Experiment with putting a practice of discipline into your life. Once you understand your why and you're willing to make great choices and put in that work, you'll be that speaker people never forget.

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Client Confidential Ep 06:

How do you... leave impressions?

If you want your audience to remember you long after you have left the spotlight, focus on three areas: extraordinary content, expressive movement on stage, and compelling storytelling.

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Client Confidential Ep 07:

How do you... earn invitations?

Invitations to speak can come at any time. Be ready. Be visible. Be prepared to pitch. Be topical. When you are, those invitations will not catch you off guard.

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Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much.

Francis Bacon

Samurai Seven

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