samurai seven:

crafting content


samurai seven:

crafting content


samurai seven:

crafting content


When creating your content, have a clear and unique point of view. We want to hear your ideas because they matter!


Crafting Content Ep 01:

Core Idea

If you don’t have a core idea, you don’t have a talk. Start with your core idea and build your entire talk from there.

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Crafting Content Ep 02:


The opening of your talk is everything. You’ve got to bring them into your world and make them care right away or you’ll lose them.

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Crafting Content Ep 03:


A story completely transforms a viewer’s experience. When you tell a story, you connect with the audience.

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Crafting Content Ep 04:


Spend time proving that your core idea is important and that the audience needs to know about it.

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Crafting Content Ep 05:


You can use facts, figures and statistics to help illustrate how important your core idea really is.

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Crafting Content Ep 06:


Transitions are one of the most overlooked parts of any talk, yet they are critical to the throughline of the talk, connecting one section to the next.

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Crafting Content Ep 07:


In your closing you’re going to paint a picture of a new reality. What is possible for them if they do what you are recommending they take action on?

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Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.
Albert Von Szent-Gyorgy

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