samurai seven:

Managing Mindset


samurai seven:

Managing Mindset


samurai seven:

Managing Mindset


Your own mind will be your greatest resistance at times. When you chose to find the adventure often right in front of you, that's when the magic happens.


Managing Mindset Ep 01:

Your Mind Matters

Your mindset matters. It starts with commitment.

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Managing Mindset Ep 02:

Fear Is Part Of The Game As A Speaker

As long as you put your heart and soul into your content and you speak with authenticity, it's going to be worth it every single time.

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Managing Mindset Ep 03:

Create Rituals Around Content And Performance

Create rituals around crafting your content and around perfecting your performance if you want to be truly unforgettable.

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Managing Mindset Ep 04:

There Are Gifts In Your Grit

Grit is having the mindset that allows you to dig in and do the task that needs to be done, especially when you really don't want to do the task.

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Managing Mindset Ep 05:

Real Change Requires Us To Embrace Risk

Nothing truly remarkable ever comes from playing it safe. You have to be willing to take risks as a speaker.

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Managing Mindset Ep 06:

Focus Wisely

Your ability to focus the content of your talk is critical to your audience being able to follow the concepts you present to them. From a performance perspective, you can use focus to direct your audience's attention.


Managing Mindset Ep 07:

Confidence Is A Mindset

If you want to feel that confidence, start with what you know to be true - no matter what - when it comes to your content. On the performance side, what you do backstage can influence your confidence levels significantly.

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Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things.
Miyamoto Musashi

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