samurai seven:

Outthinking Obstacles


samurai seven:

Outthinking Obstacles


samurai seven:

Outthinking Obstacles


You will be tested constantly to see how committed you are to your craft. Decide to take a strategic approach to battling your challenges and victory will be waiting for you.


Outthinking Obstacles Ep 01:


How can we become effective and powerful if we're caught in constant overwhelm? I've been there - many times - and this is manageable in just a few simple steps.

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Outthinking Obstacles Ep 02:


Your time is the most precious asset you have. If you don't put a high value on it, you can't expect others to.

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Outthinking Obstacles Ep 03:


Create a plan, commit to conquering it, and give yourself a treat when you're done.

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Outthinking Obstacles Ep 04:


You can get on the other side of burnout very quickly by following a few simple techniques.

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Outthinking Obstacles Ep 05:


When you shift your way of thinking from focusing on yourself or what other people may think of you, to thinking of how you can help people, that's how you can affect change.

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Outthinking Obstacles Ep 06:


When you create a training ritual for yourself, you're going to be the most ready on any day, at any time.


Outthinking Obstacles Ep 07:


Perfect is not fun to watch. If you’re willing to be a little messy and just go for it, that’s when you can bring your ideas to life.

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Opportunities multiply as they are seized.
Sun Tzu

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