samurai seven:

polishing performance


samurai seven:

polishing performance


samurai seven:

polishing performance


If you want to be unforgettable, you have to be willing to get your hands dirty and put in the work. The greatest speakers have spent thousands of hours honing their craft.


Polishing Performance Ep01:

Gestures and Distractions

You can either be very intentional and deliberate with your body movements to strengthen your talk, or you can flail around and distract the audience. You choose.

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Polishing Performance Ep02:

Spatial Mapping

Realize that motion draws attention. Your movements should be intentional and need to support the story you’re on stage to tell.

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Polishing Performance Ep03:

Unexpected Surprises

When giving a high-stakes talk, it may not always go exactly as you have planned. Unexpected obstacles happen. And there are a couple of tricks you can use when they do.

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Polishing Performance Ep04:

Content Types

No matter if you are telling a story or focusing on data or both in your next talk, you’ll want to move seamlessly between delivery of the different kinds of content. From an overall perspective, the type of talk you deliver can be even more effective by using character to inform your presentation style.

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Polishing Performance Ep05:

Fear & Anxiety

To redirect your fear, take a step in any direction before you speak. Begin your dialogue as you are in motion. That will get your brain to where it needs to be to recall the material that you want to share.

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Polishing Performance Ep06:

Entrances and Exits

You should know how you’re coming on stage and you should know how you’re coming off stage. Don’t leave this to chance.

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Polishing Performance Ep07:

Audience Connections

You want to create an experience for the audience. Think of your talk as an experience instead of just a one-way transmission of information. You’ll want to engage and receive feedback.

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Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.
Sun Tzu

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