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Talking Tactics

As speakers, how we move our body is as important as the words that come out of our mouth. When we choose to focus on Developing our Delivery, this allows us to create an unforgettable experience for our audience. One that lasts long after we have left the stage

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The Road to the Red Circle

One change in tactic can become transformational to our speaking career. In this series, we'll look at seven different tactics that you can put to use immediately. Enjoy!


Talking Tactics Ep 01:

Pivot when necessary

The next time there is a hiccup in your plan, be open to taking a new direction. That new path may lead to an incredible outcome you never imagined.

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Talking Tactics Ep 02:

Do the unexpected

As a speaker: every time you speak, you have the opportunity to incorporate the unexpected into your Talk. Be unexpected in the way you structure your content. Be unexpected in the way you move on stage. Your audience will both appreciate and talk about the unexpected.

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Talking Tactics Ep 03:

Be remarkable

If we want our audience to take note of us and reflect on our Talk long after we’ve left the stage, we must strive to be extraordinary in every way. The more unexpected we are, the more remarkable we can become.

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Talking Tactics Ep 04:

Compare yourself to you

It can be exhausting comparing ourselves to others, whether at a speaking event or checking likes on a post or counting followers. Don't do that. Instead, when we focus internally and know we're bringing our A-game, the only person we need to compare ourselves with is ourself.

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Talking Tactics Ep 05:

Take calculated risks

Taking chances is a good practice as a speaker. We learn and grow the most when we stretch ourselves. When we consider the possibilities before we act on taking that risk, our success rate can wildly increase.

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Talking Tactics Ep 06:

Make your own opportunities

Waiting for the phone to ring is not fun. Ask any actor. As speakers, we don’t need to do that. Instead, we have the ability to design experiences that will serve our clients, creating opportunities that never existed before we thought them up.

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Talking Tactics Ep 07:

Give them a memory

We can give the gift of a memory every time we're in front of someone as speakers. When we take the time to personalize a gift for a client or a thank you to our host and add a touch of surprise, chances are they’ll remember us forever.

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Good tactics can save even the worst strategy. Bad tactics will destroy even the best strategy.
~ George S. Patton Jr.

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