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I strongly believe that no matter which profession you’re in, you’re harboring a core idea worth spreading that the world needs to know.

The problem? Expressing that idea in a clear and elegant way can be a huge challenge – especially when you’re communicating that idea to a room full of people.

The good news? Strategic Samurai is here to help.

Exclusive to members of the STLS community, I am offering a select number of FREE one-on-one Breakthrough Speaking Strategy Sessions. In a rapid fire manner, I’ll help you get clear on the message you want to share and will provide you with valuable advice on how to enhance your performance as a speaker —whether you’re asked to speak publicly on a regular basis or you simply wish to communicate better in any given situation.

I’m only taking the first 25 requests so take action now! Between today up to March 31, 2015 go ahead and fill out the form below and share with me your burning question about speaking or communication in general. We’ll then be in touch shortly to schedule your 20 minute breakthrough speaking session. (If you see this form, there are still spots available!)

I sincerely look forward to meeting and serving you.

Best wishes,

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