I'm driven by a deep passion for the art of speaking and storytelling. With the privilege of coaching over 500 speakers internationally and gaining years of experience, I've been fortunate to refine public communication skills and shape meaningful messages that drive change.

My journey begins at the prestigious TED conference, where I spent thirteen transformative years attending the annual event. There, I had the honor of not only immersing in life changing ideas, live, every year, I was also invited to speak at TED University and the TED Summit as well as having the opportunity to organize TEDx events and coach TED and TEDx speakers. My focus has always been on discovering the core ideas within individuals and crafting messages the world truly needs, using the powerful tools of storytelling, structure, and staging.


And my impact extends beyond my role as a speaking strategist; enter StorytellingSchool.com. My heartfelt mission? To build a movement of master storytellers, one narrative at a time. Through my short-form story training, I aim to empower individuals to harness the captivating power of storytelling and bring lessons to life like never before.

On stage, I find adventures as both a performer and instructor. I love weaving storytelling into my improv comedy and embracing standout acting roles, showcasing my enduring dedication to the craft in all its forms.

My journey has also taken me beyond the theatre. I'm humbled to have been named NCAA Woman of the Year and to hold a 5th Degree Master Level Black Belt. My education includes an MBA, and I've had the privilege of authoring two technology books and co-founding an award-winning software company. My diverse background enriches my storytelling approach, bringing a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge.


My passion for teaching and inspiring others has led me around the world as an influential speaker. I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to connect with audiences and share my distinctive blend of storytelling, spontaneity, and strategy. My clients come from various walks of life, from military and law enforcement professionals to non-profit organizations to CEOs to celebrities to congressional candidates to high net-worth individuals to influencers to physicians to entrepreneurs to fitness experts to musicians to teachers to coaches to so many more wonderful people.

Now, I extend an invitation to you to join me on this incredible adventure. Let’s elevate your communication skills to new levels through the power of speaking and storytelling.


I’m so glad you’re here!