Strategic Speaking

“The focused mind can pierce through stone.”Japanese maxim

From Seminars to Workshops to Lectures, if you have an audience, Kymberlee is always excited to bring her breakthrough thinking to your event.

kteaching_1024 Known for her Board Breaking Seminars, Kymberlee can take your audience to new levels of awareness, confidence and focus. Your attendees will come away with tools and strategies for overcoming any obstacle.

Tailored to fit for your event, you can choose from a Strategic Samurai workshop experience or a focused talk format, either of which will provide value to your audience.

After a TED style talk followed by audience interaction, workshops include participants actually breaking through a solid wood board using only their bare hands. This is often a life-changing event allowing participants to experience something they never thought possible.

Kymberlee’s diverse background enables her to view challenges through a unique strategic lens. Your event can directly benefit from her life experiences which include:

  • Twenty+ years in Martial Arts
  • Twenty years of entrepreneurial experience
  • Fifteen years of technology experience
  • Twelve years of attendance at the annual TED conference
  • Twelve years in competitive athletics
  • Four years producing a TEDx event
  • Two years producing a bi-coastal bi-annual technology event

Kymberlee holds these degrees and honors:

  • MBA Degree
  • BS Degree in Health and Exercise Science
  • NCAA Woman of the Year
  • 4th Dan Black Belt (Master level) in Dynamic Circle Hapkido
  • 2014 Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award in Professional Services

The great news is you can leverage Kymberlee’s insights, lessons learned and patterns identified through all of these life experiences by bringing her strategic thinking into your event.


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